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A Masala base, Flora Agarbatti (Incense ), having a Spicy Woody Fragrance, suitable for Pooja, Meditation. Good spreading, long retaining, serene, heavenly fragrance. Same Vardaan fragrance in smaller size sticks. Each pack is provided with a plastic holder and is for those who are trying out this product for the first time and would like a small holder specially for such a small incense stick. This product is ideal for small air conditioned office cabins or those who want shorter burning period as they would not like to leave an burning incense stick in their home when they rush off to work. Available also in refill pack with 40 sticks and no incense holder

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Weight : 30 ST
Length : 4 Inch
No of Sticks : 30
Burning Time : 15 min
Fragrance : Floral Bouquet
Place incense away from flammable materials on a fire proof and heat resistance surface/incense burner.
Light the coated end in case of insense stick/agarbathi or the top in case of cone or sambrani, allow flame to catch; genlty blow out the flame.

Keep the burning Incense away from inflammable material, on a fireproof and heat resistant Surface. Do not injest and keep out of reach of pets. Use with care in a well ventilated space.
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